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Cosmas LLC is a boutique law firm specializing in personal injury matters. Such matters include injuries arising from motor accidents, industrial accidents, medical negligence and insurance policy related claims.

We are fully committed and reliable. We ensure that all claims are handled expeditiously and satisfactorily to the best of our ability. Personal injury claims may be highly complicated, but we are here to help you obtain a fair and adequate compensation.

Come down to our office for a free consultation today. There will be no charges for the consultation and/or advice. For enquiries, please contact us at 65364662 or email us at

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Have you been injured in an accident?

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Past Experience

  • Represented a Thai student whose legs were amputated after a SMRT train ran over them at a 15-day trial.

  • Negotiated a settlement of $3.4 million in damages for a client who was injured as a backseat passenger in a road traffic accident. She suffered spinal cord injury and was paralysed from the waist downwards.